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White Rail is the originator of high quality slick-rail components for low-cost successful
garment handling solutions and greenhouse installations.

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This catalog represents our standardized product lines. There are many items that White Rail manufactures on a custom basis that are not featured in this catalog.

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White Rail offers a large selection of high-quality slick rail components for overhead monorail systems.

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High Quality Rail System Components

In May of 2009, Durex, Inc. acquired the Rail Component division of White Systems, Inc. (a division of SWS/Tek LLC). Under the terms of the offer, the new company will go under the brand “White Rail”.

The slick rail components offered today by White Rail have been in production for over 50 years! This has given White Rail ample experience in manufacturing high quality rail system components that can be found throughout the world in major distribution centers.


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White Rail specializes in manufacturing rail system components that provide a low cost
means of effectively storing and moving items about a facility.

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Rail Component Division of White Systems is now White Rail

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] The board of directors of White Systems, Inc. has voted to accept an offer for the purchase of the assets of White Systems’ Rail Component line. Under the terms of the offer, DureX Inc. (Durex) has assumed the manufacturing and sales of White Systems’ branded slick-rail components, which will now go under the brand […]

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